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Panther's Playground
(BGM "Crazy Train")

Panther's Playground

Hello there and welcome to My playground....
A little story about myself ....Im 30 years old and have blonde hair green eyes and get realy bad blonde moments ...*smile* i like to chat in places that are not to bad on the cyberside (if you know what i mean"..... I am DIVORCED and have 2 wonderful girls Diane the 8... and Jade the monster *grin* is 5 ....they both take after there Dad and like to cause trouble just like me *grin*...They live in Pa with there mother.... I have a girlfriend named Shapan and she has 2 sons that are like my own there names are Andrew who is 10 and Adam who is 9 so now i have 4 wonderfull children....Im now back in Alabama.....i hope i have given you some insite on me....ive did some reconstruction on my pages please feel free to roam around in my den ive had fun building this page and others and i will be adding and subtracting things all the time so please come back in and see on my Panther's Playground Part III i started on that and just added to it there is 2 great links on that page that is a must for anyone to see one is the ANIME page that has great Pages in it...the other one is for the MIDI lover and Animated Gif' please feel free to poke and claw but please leave your mark in the GUEST BOOK on the last page and again THANKS for stopping in..... Panther

Places I Pounce.

MY Friends ON The Net: A Tribute To My Friends, Page 2 Of My Page.
Playground Part III:My Third Page Please Sign My Guestbook.
Panther's Pictures:Pictures Of Me.

Music Links

My CDnow Store:here is a great place to buy Cd's and Tapes Cheep
FIVEHEAD:A local band here in Dothan Alabama, they play at places like Spinikers and club lavela in Panama City Beach Florida...they rock
IRON MAIDEN'S PAGE: One of the best heavy metal gropes around!
Ozzy Osborne: The Master of Rock!
TWISTED SISTER-DEE SNIDER'S HOME PAGE: This is the ultiment band of the 80's and here is the homepage for them..ran by none other than Dee himself...
Sony web site: Find out what is happing to your fav. groups .
Virgin Records: Another Record Link...COOL place
The Ultimate Band List: any band your looking for is here on this serch engin...

Odd Links

Bianca's Smutt Shack: A place to chatt..if you want to find me go to the Kitchen....
State Of Insanity: another great place to chatt
Digital Greeting Cards: This site belongs to Ornby and has great cards....
ICQ...Chat software: The next best thing to POWWOW
The Internet Movie Data Base: find any move that was out and will be comming out
Free Midi Site: An Midi Site that has over 200,000 MIDI's
Electra's Backgrounds: Need Backgrounds Go here.....
Animated Gif Collection: Another Animated Gif Site....

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